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Noble Gold Review – Lowest fees on bullion

Noble gold investments

Noble Gold Investments, founded in 2016 by industry experts Collin Plume and Charles Thorngren, stands as a reputable name in the precious metals industry, specializing in Gold IRAs and Silver IRAs alongside offering platinum, palladium, and rare collectible coins . With a mission to provide a secure and straightforward avenue for purchasing precious metals, Noble Gold has become a distinguished entity in the United States, focusing on the importance of gold and silver investments for your financial future .


Opting for a Gold IRA rollover or a 401k Gold IRA rollover with Noble Gold Investments allows you to secure your retirement savings with precious metals, a strategy supported by their A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and positive Noble Gold reviews. The company not only offers a wide range of investment options, including gold, silver, platinum, and palladium but also provides a safe Texas depository and home delivery options to meet your diverse investment needs.


Why Noble Gold Investments Stands Out


Noble Gold Investments distinguishes itself through a combination of exceptional customer service, a commitment to transparency, and a wide array of investment options. Here’s a detailed look at why Noble Gold stands out in the precious metals investment sector:


  1. Exceptional Customer Service and Education

Noble Gold is renowned for its customer service and educational resources. With a customer review rating of 4.99 out of 5, they prioritize client satisfaction and provide extensive

education on the benefits of precious metals investing .


  1. Low Investment Thresholds

They make investing accessible with a low minimum investment requirement, allowing a broader audience to explore precious metal IRAs.


  1. Secure and Versatile Storage Options

Offering secure storage facilities, including the exclusive Secure Texas Depository and IDS in Canada, Noble Gold provides safe and insured options for precious metals. Additional storage fees are competitive, ensuring clients receive the best value.


  1. Comprehensive Investment Choices

Investors have access to a variety of products including Gold IRAs, Silver IRAs, ETFs, mutual funds, and private placements. This diversity helps clients tailor their investment strategies to their specific financial goals.


  1. Endorsements and High Ratings

With endorsements from well-known financial entities and an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, Noble Gold’s reputation for reliability and transparency is solidified in the industry.


  1. Innovative Online Resources

Noble Gold provides a wealth of online resources, including a Gold IRA Guide and up-to-date insights on precious metals and economic trends, helping investors make informed decisions.


This combination of factors contributes to Noble Gold Investments’ standout position in the market, making it a preferred choice for many looking to secure their financial future with precious metals.


Products and Services Offered


Noble Gold Investments provides a comprehensive suite of products and services tailored to meet the needs of both novice and seasoned investors in precious metals. Here’s a detailed look at what they offer:


Investment Options


  1. IRA Options:Noble Gold offers a variety of IRA investment opportunities including Gold IRA, Silver IRA, Platinum IRA, and Palladium IRA, allowing investors to diversify their retirement portfolios.


  1. Coins and Bars: Investors can choose from gold, silver, platinum, and palladium coins and bars, including rare collectible coins and IRA-eligible options.


  1. Gold and Silver Bullion Products: A wide range of bullion products is available for those looking to invest in gold and silver.


Educational Resources


Gold IRA Kit: This kit helps investors understand the process of setting up a Gold IRA.

Free Guides and Insights: Noble Gold offers a Gold and Silver Guide, Precious Metals 101, Investment Basics, and an extensive library of resources to educate investors.


Additional Services


1. Home Delivery and Secure Storage: Noble Gold provides secure Texas depository storage along with home delivery services, ensuring safe and flexible investment options.

2. Diverse Investment Products: The company offers a variety of gold bars approved for IRA accounts, including brands like PAMP Suisse and Perth Mint.


Contact and Support


Expert Advice and Account Creation: Investors can easily contact Noble Gold for expert advice and assistance with account creation, including services like 401(k) rollover and planning for Traditional, Roth, SEP, and Simple IRAs.


Noble Gold Investments stands out with its robust offerings that cater to a broad spectrum of precious metals investors, ensuring comprehensive support and resources for enhancing their investment journey.


IRA-Approved Precious Metals


Eligible Metals and Coins

  1. Types of Metals and Purity Standards: Noble Gold offers IRA-approved precious metals that meet the IRS’ minimum purity standards. This includes gold, silver, platinum, and palladium coins and bars.
  1. Specific Approved Coins:For those interested in coins, Noble Gold provides options like the American Gold Eagle, American Silver Eagle, and Canadian Gold Maple Leaf, all of which are approved for IRA investments.


Tax Implications and Benefits

1. Tax Considerations for Gold IRA: Investing in a Gold IRA comes with unique tax implications, such as a potential 28% long-term capital gains tax on precious metals.

2. Tax Advantages of Traditional vs. Roth IRA: Depending on whether you choose a Traditional IRA or a Roth IRA for your precious metals investment, there are different tax advantages to consider.


Investment Minimums and Procedures

1. Minimum Investment Requirements: To open a Gold IRA with Noble Gold, a minimum investment of $20,000 is required, ensuring a significant but manageable entry point for investors.

2. Guided Investment Process: Noble Gold simplifies the process of opening a Gold IRA with a step-by-step guide that outlines the 10 essential steps to get started.


Diversification and Compliance

1. Importance of Diversification: Diversification within an IRA through precious metals is crucial for risk management, helping to protect and stabilize your retirement savings.

2. Compliance and Custodianship: Ensuring legal and regulatory compliance is vital, as is choosing the right custodian to manage and protect your precious metals investment.


Variety of Investment Products

1. Broad Range of Products: In addition to coins and bars, Noble Gold offers various gold products including rounds, and even high-quality jewelry items made from pure 24 karat gold.

2. Specialized Investment Packs: For those considering precious metals for emergency scenarios, Noble Gold’s Royal Survival Packs offer pre-configured sets of metals tailored to different needs.


This detailed overview highlights the key aspects of investing in IRA-approved precious metals through Noble Gold, emphasizing the importance of compliance, tax benefits, and a broad selection of eligible investment products.


Security and Storage Solutions


Secure Storage Options

Noble Gold Investments ensures the security of your investments with multiple storage solutions. They provide a secure Texas depository, which is a preferred choice for many investors looking to keep their precious metals within the United States. Additionally, Noble Gold offers insured third-party storage facilities, ensuring safety and security for your assets.


Home Delivery Services

For investors preferring personal custody of their precious metals, Noble Gold facilitates home delivery services. They offer two delivery methods: Noble Express and Noble Fortress, each designed to cater to different security needs. Home delivery allows investors to manage their precious metals directly, providing a sense of security and personal control over their investments.


Home Storage Solutions

Investors opting for home storage can choose from several security measures to safeguard their assets. These include the purchase of home safes or vaults, the use of gold security boxes with tamper-proof seals, and strategic placement in various secure locations within the home. Additional security measures such as security cameras, motion sensors, alarms, and even the option for armed security can be implemented to enhance safety.


Insurance and Compliance for Home Storage

When storing precious metals at home, it’s crucial to consider insurance requirements. Investors may need to obtain separate floater insurance policies, which cover additional risks like fire or burglary. Professional appraisals are often necessary to ensure adequate coverage under these policies.


Investment and Custodial Services

Noble Gold partners with Equity Trust Company as its IRA custodian, storing metals in IRS-approved facilities located in Texas, Delaware, and Canada. This partnership underscores their commitment to compliance and security in precious metals investment. Noble Gold also offers a guaranteed buyback program, providing peace of mind for investors looking to liquidate theirholdings.


Customer Service and Support


Noble Gold Investments excels in customer service, providing a range of resources and support to guide investors. Here’s how they stand out:

  1.  Educational Resources and Learning Center

Noble Gold hosts a comprehensive ‘Learn’ section on their website, featuring a Gold and Silver Guide, Precious Metals 101, Investment Basics, and a library of informative articles, enabling investors to make educated decisions.

They also offer a downloadable guide on gold and silver, available for free, which helps new investors understand the basics of precious metals investments.

  1. Continuous Updates and Professional Support

The company keeps its investors informed with a dedicated ‘News, Updates, and Tips’ section, ensuring they stay updated on financial news affecting precious metals.

Investors can access expert advice through a provided phone number, ensuring personalized support for their investment queries.

  1. Customer Feedback and Interaction

Noble Gold is proactive in engaging with customer feedback, maintaining a high 4.8-star rating from 255 reviews. They actively respond to reviews and encourage feedback to enhance their services.

The professionalism, patience, and knowledge of their customer service representatives are frequently praised, reflecting the company’s commitment to quality service.

  1. Transparency and Trust

Known for its transparent pricing structure, Noble Gold ensures that all fees are upfront, with no hidden charges, fostering trust and confidence among its clients.

Their strong reputation is supported by an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and positive feedback on various review platforms including Consumer Affairs, Google, and Trustpilot.

5. Security and Assurance

The buyback program offered allows for liquidity, as investors can sell back their precious metals at a predetermined price, adding an extra layer of security to their investments.

Noble Gold also ensures compliance and security through their detailed privacy policy and risk disclosure statements, helping clients understand the terms of their investments.




    Through a detailed exploration of Noble Gold Investments, it’s evident that this company offers a robust platform for investors seeking to diversify their portfolios with precious metals. With its roots firmly planted in exceptional customer service, a plethora of investment options, and a commitment to transparency and education, Noble Gold provides a secure and comprehensive solution for those looking to invest in Gold IRAs, Silver IRAs, and other precious metals. The emphasis on low investment thresholds, coupled with versatile storage options, further solidifies its stance as a leading choice for individuals aiming to safeguard their financial future.


    Moreover, the significance of Noble Gold Investments extends beyond its immediate offerings, influencing the broader landscape of precious metals investing. By setting a high standard for customer satisfaction and offering a wide array of learning resources, Noble Gold not only helps individuals secure their retirement savings but also empowers them with the knowledge to make informed decisions. This blend of security, education, and investment diversity fosters a thriving environment for investors at all levels, suggesting a promising outlook for anyone considering Noble Gold as a pathway to achieving their financial goals.


    Official Site: https://noblegoldinvestments.com/
    Headquaters: 16830 Ventura Blvd Ste 326, Encino, CA 91436, United States

    BCA Rating: AA (see details)
    BBB Rating: A+ (see details)
    Consumer affairs: 5.0 Stars (see details)
    Google Review : 5.0 Stars (see details)
    Trustpilot:5.0 Stars(see details)

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    Gold IRA Accounts:

    IRA Custodian Partner: Equity Trust
    Storage Locations: multiple locations. Exclusive Storage storage available. Canada storage also available.
    Annual Fees: Admin & maintenance: $100; Storage: $150 for segregated and $100 for non-segregated (commingled).
    Storage type: segregated or commingled both available.


    Why Invest in Noble Gold Investments


    • A+ Rated by the BBB
    • 4.9/5 stars on Google Reviews
    • Lowest Fees on Bullion
    • Exclusive Texas Storage Vault
    • Focus on Education & Guidance
    • Non-Pushy and Non-Aggressive Sales Team
    • No Collectible Coins. Strictly Bullion.
    • White Glove Service for Retirement Accounts Owners.
    • Provides Free Gold IRA Guide & Educational Materials


    noble gold investments

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