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Goldco Review – Top Rated Gold IRA Company

What is Goldco?


GoldcoGoldco is precious metals company that helps investors with little or no knowledge about precious metal investing to add precious metals to their self directed IRAs. Trevor Gerszt founded Goldco in 2006 in Woodland Hills, California. The company’s headquarters is still located in this location until this day. Trevor founded Goldco because he wanted to help customers looking to add precious metals to their IRAs.

Goldco was an instant success. Perhaps, what contributed to the company’s instant success includes its transparent reporting, outstanding customer service, low rates, and features that are not available at other precious metals companies.

Goldco precious metalsGoldco is also a registered member of the Better Business Bureau in California. The BBB website described Goldco as a wholesaler of precious metals helping clients convert their current IRA and 401K retirement accounts into Precious Metals IRAs and the delivery of gold and silver to clients as a method to protect assets in a cash position.

Goldco received its BBB accreditation on 12/8/2011 and has maintained an A+ rating since then (the highest rating). The company is also a member of TrustPilot, TrustLink, ICTA, Business-Consumer Alliance, Consumer Affairs, and with A+ and 5 starts rating.

The company which was founded in 2006 and registered as Limited Liability Company (LLC) in the United States is now more than 13 years in business. They have over 76 employees and thousands of customers mostly based in the United States.

What You Need To Know About Self- Directed IRAs

Self-directed investment can open many doors for a savvy investor. However, over 70% of Americans don’t know what Self-directed means, don’t fully understand it or never participated in one. You are losing a lot of money if you’ve never invested in self-directed IRAs. A self-directed IRA is a tax-advantaged retirement account investors can use to build wealth for retirement or for the future generations.

Most savvy investors considered it a way to take care of their loved ones in future without worry about going bankrupt.

Today, in the United States, most people that wants to save for retirement are only aware of investments such as bonds, stocks, mutual funds and exchanged-traded funds. The truth is, if you seriously want to ramp up your retirement savings an extra notch, you should definitely consider a self-directed IRA. This investment tool can also help you to catch up if you started your retirement savings a little bit late.

Goldco precious metals

Perhaps, what made self-directed IRAs very attractive is that you can hold a wide variety of investment tools under this plan – stocks, gold, silver, real estates, special loans, businesses, venture capital, lumber, oil, minerals, private equity, and many more. The possibility is almost endless if you know what you are doing.

You are in total control when you choose to go with self-directed IRAs. You can set the prices, make changes, and do whatever you decide to do with your investment. Furthermore, your investment in self-directed IRAs are protected from creditors making them future-proofed should in case you suffer bankruptcy or fall on hard times.

Perhaps, one of the most attractive features of self-directed IRAs is its tax benefits. You are allowed to get the tax benefits of a tax-favored retirement account with your self-directed IRA. This may not be possible with your 401(k). It also comes with intergenerational planning that allows you to pass your assets on to future generations with significant tax advantages.

Whether you want to ensure comfortable retirement or to ensure that your loved ones are well-taken care of when you are gone, a carefully-planned self-directed IRA can easily help you to achieve this.


What Does Goldco Offer?

Goldco offers a special type of investment that gives peace of mind for retirement. Most people with an IRA usually save for retirement in liquid dollars. $100,000 cash today definitely has less value in the next 10 years and even lesser value in the next 20 years. This is caused by inflation. United States inflation has been increasing since the past decade. This means you could find yourself short of cash when it is time to go for retirement.

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To protect against this, Goldco provides a safe-investment haven in gold. For decades, gold is known to protect against inflation. This is why most countries who pegged their currencies to gold have lower inflation. With a new government comes a new monetary policy. Every monetary policy can affect your IRA account if it is not in gold.

Goldco provides a very simple way to invest in gold by converting your IRA from cash-investment to gold investment. It is a self-directed IRA that provides you with many options and tools. Despite so many companies that claim to provide such service today, Goldco remains the leader and most trusted self-directed IRA in the industry.

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What are the Advantages of Goldco?

  • Trusted in the industry
  • Easily convert your IRA to stable gold investment
  • Exceptional customer service
  • Provides multiple options to users
  • No huge investment required to get started
  • •You could be eligible for tax-exempts


Gold investing remains one of the most stable and profitable investment. According to the estimate by the World Gold Congress, humans have extracted over 187,200 tons of gold from the earth while the U.S Geological Survey estimates that there are still about 57,000 tons of gold still in the ground to mine. No doubt, gold mining is a great and stable business that will continue until a foreseeable future. However, not everyone has what it takes to mine gold.

You certainly don’t need to. You can rather invest in gold to take advantage of its stability.
The gold market worth at least $170 billion per year. The US government, other governments, as well as rich investors have over the years identified gold as one of the most stable store of wealth.

Top gold investors such as George Soros and John Paulson made millions investing in gold. Fortunately, gold investing is not only for governments and super-rich. Today, there are methods for individuals to get cost-effective, liquid, transparent, secure, and flexible access to holding gold. This opens the way for small investors to invest in gold and also save for their retirement days.

There are tons of information on gold investing online. Additionally, tons of companies provide these services. Nevertheless, the information that exists online can be overwhelming. Whereas, since gold investing involves lots of money, it is important that you only do business with a trusted gold investment company. This is why Goldco is very popular among investors. you will learn why Goldco is on its way to emerge as the number #1 gold IRA company in the united state.



Goldco provides a safe and easy way to convert your IRA to precious metal investment to give you peace of mind towards your retirement. Goldco representatives were very knowledgeable, helpful and responsive. They pride themselves in customer service, clients’ happiness and satisfaction is their number one priority. Goldco remains the leader and most trusted company when it comes to self-directed IRA with precious metals. Click Here To Learn More About Goldco Self-Directed IRA Services.


Goldco gold ira kit

 Goldco Is Our #1 Recommended Gold IRA Company!



Official Site:
Headquaters: 24025 Park Sorrento, Suite 210 Calabasas, CA 91302


BBB Rating: A+ (see details)
BCA Rating: AAA (see details)
Trustpilot:5.0 Stars(see details)
TrustLink: 5.0 Stars (see details)

Annual Fee: $180~230

IRA Process:
Minimum Investment: $25,000

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