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Regal AssetsRegal Assets is a company that sprung into existence in 2009 with the sole purpose of simplifying, innovating, and rejuvenating the precious metals investment landscape which had beforehand been operating under heavy bureaucracy and unnecessary hurdles.


With just $5,000, the founder “Tyler Gallagher” kick-started the company’s operations. And without any additional startup capital, the company has grown to become the most successful alternative assets firm in the country just seven years from startup.


Regal Assets now enjoys recognition from the likes of Forbes, Smart Money, the Huffington Post and many others. More so, the company is rated highly, ranking number 20 in the U.S. by famous INC 500 in the financial services category. It subsequently featured on the prestigious Reuters Sign on   Times Square. They are #1 Rated alternative assets company 7 years in row!




Regal Assets is primarily aimed at being a one stop shop for every investor who deals on precious metal investing. It majorly specializes in offering a helping hand to individual investors, assisting them to add physical precious metals to their investment portfolios and retirement accounts.


With the help of Regal Assets, thousands of Americans have successfully transferred an existing IRA, SEP, 401(k), 403(b) or TSP plan into physical precious metals. Also, the company provides interested investors who may want to purchase coins outside their retirement or investment accounts with a wide selection of gold, silver, platinum, and palladium bullion products and rare coins.





1)  Regal Assets puts their customers first and make provision for the necessary education for their clients, thereby ensuring 100% ease on the part of clients, making them comfortable enough to move forward with their investment.


2)   Regal Assets strictly focuses on high purity bullion approved by the IRS for IRA investing, unlike many companies who try to push their clients into proof coins and collectibles because they yield higher fees.


3)  Regal Assets offers multiple storage options which go   beyond the US to the offshores of Singapore which is the most stable and secure fictional jurisdiction of the world.


4)  They provide a fee and commission schedule that is transparent, letting clients know everything it’ll cost them before signing anything.


5)   Regal Assets has a 7-day guarantee on shipping for direct purchases to give the client peace of mind of their business dealings.




Regal Assets pretty much has little or no cons thus far. Going by all the reviews sent in by clients, the closest to an unlikely remark had to do with the company’s high pricing on gold and silver bars, as reported by just a single client. Besides that, Regal Assets operations are flawless!




Regal Assets received AAA rating from BCA, They also have over 1000+Positive review from Trustlink. With their track record of success, you'll definitely find Regal Assets as an alternative investment getaway especially if you're one who is interested in investing in a safe haven where your investments are protected.   If you would like to learn more about Regal Assets,  Request their free gold IRA investment kit  or give them a call at 




Official Site:
Headquaters: 200 West Highway 6, 4th Floor Waco, TX 76712.
Phone no.: 1-855-636-9771


 TrustLink BCATop Consumer Reviews Inc. 500 2013


BCA Rating: AAA (see details)
TrustLink: 5.0 Stars (see details)



Open a Regal Assets IRA in 3 Easy Steps!   
Step One: Complete Gold IRA Account Form
Step Two: Decide on your opening investment amount.
Step Three: Choose the Precious Metal Plan fit your Personal Retirement Plan.
Annual Fees: 1st year free.  
Metals only: $190 per year 
Both metals and cryptos: $230 per year 
The above fee  Include storage + admin fees. The lowest fees in the industry. 
Note : The minimum investment to open a Gold IRA in Regal Assets is $10,000.  
Regal Assets will help you protect your retirement account including your IRA or 401K with real physical gold and silver bullion. And help you do it TAX FREE, without any penalties or fees.

I had sent a few emails early EST and received an almost instant reply. Knowing that Regal Assets was on the west coast I was definitely not expecting a reply that fast. Great service by a professional and knowledgeable team. I have and will continue to recommend Regal Assets to my family and friends.

Chris D

I am quite delighted with the outstanding services provided by Mr. Christian Howard and his team. Mr. Howard helped me roll-over 2 old IRAs that were not growing at the rate I desired. He made the whole process hassle free. I would recommend him and Regal Assets to anyone hoping to hold metals in his or her portfolio.

Noel S

They made my rollover simple and easy. Great follow up, and excellent customer service. They really know their stuff, and I would recommend them to anyone looking to invest in precious metals.  
Andrew B. 
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 #1 Rated Alternative Assets Company 7 years in a row

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Forbes 2014 –   “If you want to protect your existing IRA or 401(k) with physical precious metals, the company that we strongly recommend is Regal Assets Rating: Highly recommended!


P/S : If you still have questions, let the Regal Assets experts to answer all your questions. Call them or Request Gold IRA Rollover Kit to get a better idea of Regal Assets offering.





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David Einhorn 

($560 million net worth)

“Gold is the money of choice and we would like to have a meaningful amount of our assets denominated in gold. It’s the biggest position in the fund”… “It’s the one kind of money Bernanke can’t print more of.”

Thomas Kaplan

(over $2 billion invested in gold)

“People view gold as emotional, but when they demythologize it, when they look at it for what it is and the opportunity it represents, they’re going to say, ‘We really should own some of that.’ The question will then change to ‘Where do we get the gold?'”

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Regal Assets Phone 1-855-636-9771

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