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Regal Assets Dubai Review

Regal Assets and its various subsidiaries, such as Regal Assets Dubai, have not taken above seven years to turn from a solo exhibition to the world's most successful and outstanding gold companies. The proof of their dramatic and remarkable success lies in the recognition they have received, among others, from reputable media institutions such as the Huffington Post, Forbes and Smart Money.

Incorporated 500 ranked Regal as the 20 best US company in the financial services category. The company was also featured in Times Square, New York City's reputed Reuters Sign.

The company does not want to be less than the best single window for the investment of material precious metals, and in fact, they achieve this great goal. To do this, they focus on helping people collect precious metals in their investment portfolios and retirement accounts. In less than a decade, the company has helped thousands of clients convert their current retirement assets into physical precious metal accounts.

Regal Assets Dubai offers its thousands of investors, who purchase gold coins and bullion and wish to store abroad in a legally and secure jurisdiction overseas, an impressive range of options in the four precious metals categories, gold, also silver, then platinum, and palladium. This impressive collection includes the most popular and pure coins and ingots produced in the best and most prestigious mints in the world.

The First License Was Awarded To Regal Assets Dubai.
The largest free economic zone in the United Arab Emirates, with zero percent of personal and corporate taxes, began licensing companies using cryptocurrencies. The first license was granted to a gold dealer (Regal Assets), who recently offered cryptocurrency services.

The (DMCC) is a government agency established in 2002 to improve the flow of products through Dubai. The DMCC Free Zone is the largest and fastest growing economic free zone in the United Arab Emirates.

They perform a number of functions that continue to position Dubai as a preferred destination for global commodity trading and DMCC as the # 1 free-trade area in the world, offering zero and percent taxes per person and per business, depending on location. Today, more than 14,100 multinationals and new companies see the DMCC as their home. Almost 90,000 folks live and work here.

The center began issuing licenses to enable companies operating in cryptocurrency to operate out of their free zone, Thomson Reuters Zawya reported.

Sanjeev Dutta, DMCC's lead director for commodities, said through the publication that the very center is starting to enable a market for cryptocurrencies, which he found to be unregulated.

The most important thing is that he still rates it as part of his innovation strategy. They never say "no" to something. It does not say yes, but it does research, so it's clearly above others when it's time to make a decision.

A Stable Regulatory Framework
Wai Lum Kwok, head of capital markets at the Global Markets Regulatory Authority in Abu Dhabi, said the publication last time that the regulator reviewed and considered "the development of a robust regulatory framework for cryptographic exchange" mediators. He stressed that no timetable was set and added:

For example, in developing our framework, we also want to review and discuss with the US regulators. Among other things, also the Japanese regulators, there is a certain orientation of the approach to avoid any regulatory arbitrage.

The first Free Zone franchise reportedly went to Regal Assets, a gold trading, and storage provider with offices in the United States, Canada, and the United Arab Emirates. The company added cryptocurrencies to its product line at the end of 2017, providing brokerage services as well as a very high security great cold storage facility for Ether, Bitcoin, Ethereum Classic, Bitcoin Cash Ripple as well as Dash.

Regal Assets Dubai Products
One of the best features of Regal Assets Dubai is the best selection in its class of coins and bars from almost all classes of precious metals (gold, silver, platinum, and even palladium). Their precious metal products are shown as follows:

Gold products
• Australian Gold Kangaroo coin 1 oz
• 1 British gold coin
• 1 oz. Canadian Gold Maple Leaf Coin
• 1-ounce gold American buffalo coin
• 1 oz Gold American Eagle Coin
• 1 ounce Austrian Gold Vienna Philharmonic
• 1-ounce orange South African Krugerrand
• 1-ounce gold Chinese panda
• Gold bar Al Etihad of 1 kg
• 1 oz Islamic gold 8 dinars and more

Regal Assets Dubai Charges For Services And Products
In this area, Regal Assets Dubai kills all competitors. All product purchases are included in the final price of the bars. However, it is the storage fees that really surpass them. They offer an absolute all-inclusive, the best price in the world of just $ 250 for every amount of gold, and silver, and platinum, and even palladium that you save in your separate offshore account with them.

There is no other company that we have researched and reviewed here or in another spot that can provide you with this impressive level of service and protection at a reasonable price.

Fully Insured Delivery
Your bullion and gold coins are fully insured. You can store your assets in a secure vault at Brinks in the Tower of Souls, where their very own headquarters are located, or in another Brinks facility around the world. The vault is below sea level, the only access is through a guarded elevator, and with a camera.

The DMCC safe has 24/7 security and operational security every day of the week, a series of closely guarded closed gates, several underground levels and a floor above sea level with additional strongbox walls for additional security. The safe has motion, vibration and temperature sensors as well as a corrosion protection corridor.


Whether you are considering gold, silver or cryptocurrencies as investments or as a way to preserve your wealth, Regal Assets Dubai give you the professional advice you need. The Regal Asset fully relies on every metric that a trustworthy gold investment business needs to meet. The company has fast turnaround times, excellent coins/bars selection, low rates,  zero customers complaint and Dubai’s tax-free status has made it one of the cheapest places in the world to buy and store gold.  For more information about the Regal Asset and its offerings, visit the official website Regal Assets Dubai.    


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Official Site:
Address: Almas Tower 36F, Jumeirah Lakes Towers - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

Phone no.: 1-855-636-9771



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Regal Assets Dubai Review

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